Everyone Told Me, I Didn’t Sign This Part of the Contract

I remember after my first daughter was born.  Everyone—and I mean everyone—that I can think of told me to enjoy it now because it “goes by fast”.  I took their advice seriously.  I enjoyed being a mother.  I enjoyed my first daughter so, so much.  Remember that post way back when about the things I will miss?  Check back in the beginning of my blog.  Well, I enjoyed being a mother to my beautiful, wonderful daughter.  I enjoyed every sweet hug, kiss, game we played, movie we watched, ride we went on together, bread, cookies or meal we made together, every holiday, every late night up talking when she was having a hard time, I enjoyed the whole wonderful 18 years!

Just two short weeks ago I gave my first baby girl one last big hug and kiss before we left to head back to Texas leaving her behind in Utah to attend college.  I had yet to experience the range of emotions and feelings I would have as I made this first step towards the winter of my child rearing.  The first leaf has flown.

As I was helping her set up her new apartment and fussing over everything I could think of to make this transition an easier one for her, I kept thinking about how I didn’t sign up for this part of mothering.  The letting go part of these wonderful children I willingly and wonderfully accept and want in my life.  I remember thinking, no one prepared me for this part. But then I thought, I think they tried.  I think that is what is what people mean when they say “it goes by fast”… They are trying to prepare you.  They tell you to soak it all in, enjoy every last drop of motherhood, because the time that your children are in your home is so, so short.

Well, I am here to tell you that it is true.  The time does go by fast. Enjoy motherhood, love it. Even the hard days, or the heartbreaking days.  All of it brings us happiness in the long run as we get to experience bringing a child up into adulthood.  I am so grateful to be a mom.

After having the experience of dropping off my daughter to college and leaving her to be on her own, I pray for her daily. I think about her. I hope the best for her.  I feel so blessed to have extended family near her to help her out.  Which makes me think about our Father in Heaven.  He loves us, he has a plan for us to come down to earth and gain experience, to grow and learn and hopefully return home to be with Him again.  He sends angels to watch over and guide us.  Which means that He knows exactly how I felt as I said goodbye to my daughter.  He knows how I feel when I am thinking of her, praying for her and hoping the best for her, because He feels the same way about me.

Motherhood is the best way for me to learn about my loving creator and how much trust He has in His children as we are away in our “college” experience called earth life.



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