What Happened??

At the end of January my youngest daughter had her sixth birthday and she lost her first tooth the day before. I cried. I cried! I guess it didn’t strike me until that moment that my little baby girl is really growing up. I SO loved being a mother to that no longer tiny girl. It’s funny. I never thought that something as simple as losing a tooth could make me cry. My husband commented to me how he loved that I would cry over something like that. He says that it shows how much I love being a mother. And to tell you the truth, that is exactly true! I LOVE being a mother. What greater work can I do in this life?

It is strange, but I feel a transition in my motherhood stage. Have any of you moms out there experienced that feeling? Even though I still have a two year old, I am not a young mother anymore, with more in diapers than not. I am not going to be having and holding anymore tiny babies of my own who love me just the way I am, warts and all.

The task I am now realizing I am facing is preparing my children to leave… leave. I can’t believe it! Judging by how fast time has already passed, I will be an empty nester before I can blink. What must I do now? How can I best prepare for all the changes my children are going through, and will go through? Have I done enough? What more can I do? These questions didn’t even enter my mind a few years ago. But now…now I only have a few years left with my oldest daughter before she will be off into the world. I hope I have reached her, taught her and helped her prepare enough for her mission in life.

How did this happen? How did life change so quickly from diapers and late nights, to dating and late nights? From busy running around chasing after toddlers to running children to this activity and that?

I have had the goal for many years now to enjoy the time I have with my children as much as possible so that I can look back on these years and know that I enjoyed them, and not just survived them. Am I accomplishing that goal? It is interesting to think about. It seemed to be so much easier then during the diaper years to find joy in the every day. Now it feels like I don’t have time to stop and enjoy. Things are moving too fast.

I love being a mother. I can think of nothing in this life that is more challenging to heart and soul, body and mind and yet so richly wonderful at the same time. I am so thankful for the time I have had and will have with my children. Being a mother is a privilege beyond compare.

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  • I still think you should write a book one day. I love your thoughts. I shared what you told me about a family circle being broken chaotically in order to make room for another new baby and she loved the analogy.

    Keep writing!

    1 Alicia said this (May 1, 2011 at 8:16 pm)

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