I was speaking with a couple of my friends a few weeks ago and we began talking about our bodies. You know how the conversation goes…”you wouldn’t want to see me in a swimsuit”. Those of us who have had children understand what I am talking about. I would describe my physical appearance as something like a balloon that has been blown up and deflated a few too many times. You know how a balloon looks after it has been deflated. It never takes on its’ original shape again.

Fearing that I was complaining too much about my appearance, and the ingratitude I was expressing, I began to talk about the great sacrifice we make as women to bring life into this world. How we literally sacrifice what we want for something greater. The thought occurred to me as I was speaking how this sacrifice of self could be likened unto the parable of the talents. The one found in the book of Matthew in the Bible.

The man delivered talents to his servants in different amounts. He expected them to go and sacrifice and take chances to multiply what they had been given. I realized that this parable could be likened to having a body and using our body for that which it was designed. In the parable it didn’t matter how much of an increase was made on the talents, only that there was an increase. The one who took the talent and buried it, received no reward in the end.

This realization brought me great understanding. I feel that even if you are trying to have children and you are unable, you are still striving to invest your talent, which is all that God expects.

Likening that parable to the sacrifice we make to have children brings such peace to my heart, especially when I meet someone who says they “only” have one child or “only” three or whatever number that is less than mine. I have never been quite sure what to say, but now I can say; good for you!!! You have multiplied your talent! Awesome!

I believe that just as in the parable of the talents, there will be an accounting for me some day. I will be asked what I did with the talents the Lord gave to me. I try to remember this when I look in the mirror and my jeans are just not looking right on me or whatever negative feeling I am tempted to feel about my body.

Being a mother is the most wonderful and important thing we can do with our lives. It is our most important talent. No earthly recognition or perfect beach ready body can compensate for the eternal goal of shepherding children to their eternal destinies!

Happy Mother’s Day!

2 Responses to "Talents"

  • You are amazing and I love you so much. Thank you for sharing your light!

    1 Jessica said this (May 12, 2011 at 11:21 am)

  • I really like your insight into the parable of the talents. You always make me think and appreciate things a bit more. Thanks!

    2 Alicia said this (June 2, 2011 at 12:18 pm)

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