Establishing Patterns

In a recent conference I attended given for women of my faith, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Sister Julie B. Beck, the General Relief Society President of my church, came to speak to the women of the Central Texas Area.

She had many wonderful things to teach us about how we can be better followers of Christ as women in His church. She also gave some incredible instruction on raising our children.

She said that as mothers we are not in the business of entertainment. We are to be helping our children prepare for the future. We are to be establishing in our children the habits they will need for their life.

She said that we need to help our children learn how to take care of one life (their own) and one room (their own), so that someday they will be prepared to take care of many lives and many rooms.

These instructions really struck me. I want my children to be prepared for their future rolls as mothers and fathers, providers and good citizens. I feel an increased need to work harder to establish good habits in them, and to continue to work to establish good habits in myself.

I know that this the most important work of my life. This is truly what being a mother is all about. Bringing my children to Christ and establishing in them patterns to help themselves.

I wanted to share with you the four steps to have a confident day for yourself and I am also teaching this to my children.

Step 1: Roll out of bed and onto your knees and pray.

Step 2: Read your scriptures.

Step 3: Make your bed. This is symbolic of your putting away your desires to sleep more and your willingness to get to work.

Step 4: Get dressed and ready for the day. Thus you will be prepared to do whatever you need to do that day.

I am noticing a difference in my children and myself as we do these steps. These steps may seem simple, but I feel a huge difference in my own attitude and my children’s when we are focused on putting these things first in our lives.

There are many patterns I am trying to establish in my children and myself. I know that changing myself and becoming better is truly the best way to teach them how to do the same and to prepare them for having better patterns in their lives.

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